Beem your favorite performers,
live and roomscale*,
from anywhere
-with just your phone

*AR-speak for life-sized
More than just Augmented Reality or shiny tech, Beem opens a new relationship between personalities and fans, where the show comes to you and everything is intimate.
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Our demo video showcases our augmented reality experience
We create augmented reality experiences for artists and performers

Beem for Performers

Get rid of the stage and the spotlights, the back-up dancers and crowds.

Reduce every possible distance and distraction and what you’re left with is just you and your fans.

A connection unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Music, comedy, theatre, talks, demos - whatever the show, Beem anywhere, together.

Request a live demo to learn how to set up your channel, engage with fans and create ticketed live shows.

Beem for Business

Our on-demand and live broadcast solutions are designed specifically for future-focussed global brands.

Create private brand channels for live broadcasting and ticketed events.

Launch white labeled WebAR campaigns without the need for an app download.

Embedded experiences to online ad units, physical to digital activation - whatever it may be, Beem, anywhere, together.

Connect with our team to learn more.

We create hologram campaigns for brands and businesses

Download the app to experience one-on-one live roomscale* shows with iconic performers right there beside you

*AR speak for life-sized

Download our app on the app storeDownload our app on Google plat
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