Beem manifesto

Our slogan is ‘Anywhere, Together’

Here is why Beem can back that up.

Beem is an Augmented Reality tool that creates greater intimacy in digital communication.

Looking at a vacant space in your room and issuing the voice command; ‘Beem Grandma’, and a roomscale real-time stream of Grandma will appear in your space - digitally present - for a long overdue catchup.

More than that; you can Beem your fitness instructor onto your terrace for a workout, your banker into your study to discuss your mortgage, or even your favorite musician into your living room for an intimate live concert.

Digital communication was broken from the start

Over millions of years, we have become very good at face to face communication.

Through physical presence we build trust. It is just easier to understand one another when we are in the same space. We remember better what we hear and sense and feel. 

Our primal subconscious has come to expect physical face-to-face presence as the benchmark for effective communication. But humanity has now spread to the four corners of the world.

Humans developed technology to bridge this distance: writing was the first breakthrough. Then the telephone gave us voice. Today, video calls give us bits of body language. Beem is the next stage in this inevitable progression, providing our subconscious with the same psychological triggers that we’ve come to expect with physical interactions.

The physical and digital worlds are merging

We are in the middle of the next digital evolution, where technology improvements allow us to create any experiences we choose, without limitations.

“What if the line between your imagination and the real world didn’t exist? With augmented reality, not only is that possible, it’s here.”
- Tim Cook, May 2021

In the technology world, we are only just beginning to realise that nature and our own evolutionary adaptation has already forged the most intuitive user experience.

This concept of biomimicry will permeate this next decade of our technological progress - and innovations like voice commands and augmented reality will pave the way for what is now coined as the Metaverse - the seamless digital layer over our physical world.

Beem brings communication back to its primal psychological roots

Beem provides key infrastructure for the future of spatial telepresence in the Metaverse.

Don’t just take our word, Apple and other tech-leaders have confirmed they are on the brink of releasing augmented reality glasses and similar features in their upcoming products.

From feeling the close presence of a far-away loved one, or the intensity of a live performance in your space, Beem finally brings back immediacy and intimacy to digital communication.

Anywhere, Together.

Scan the QR code to see Janosch (our founder) deliver this manifesto in AR, right now
Scan the QR code or click here to see Janosch (our founder) deliver this manifesto in AR, right now